Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra

Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra was established in 2011 as a representative assembly of AP Vojvodina, provincial institution of cultural significance, organised by the standards of an ensemble “staggione”. In its fifth year, it has executed forty concerts, accomplishing significant level of playing music and commendable interpretative standards. Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra has always attracted numerous audience to its concerts at the Synagogue and Serbian National Theater where they showed with appraise that its expectations were not failed regarding the sound quality of the Symphony Orchestra itself, their discipline, self-assurance and composure. Always insisting on diversity of the classical repertoire, sometimes even of wider genre (especially when more popular, i.e. New Year’s gala concerts take place), the Orchestra has always presented itself in the most excellent manner performing postromantic pieces of symphonic and concert literature, captivating with lavishing sound, wide dynamic scales and trilling cantilenas. Furthermore, it has presented itself marvelously at interpretations of compositions of the twentieth century as well as contemporary domestic productions art.
It is important to acknowledge the renowned guest artists of the international music scene that VSO has collaborated with, maestros such as Hesus Medina, Francesko Di Mauro, Nikolaj Lalov, Erol Erdinc, Klaudio Koen, Filip Grinberg, Berislav Skenderovic and soloists Ksenija Jankovic, Rita Kinka, Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic, Ratimir Martinovic, Lajko Feliks, Marko Gracijani, Mladen Colic, Laslo Fenjo, as well as numerous magnificent performers. According to critics, guest conductors and soloists’ evaluations, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra has achieved high interpretative level of a respectable professional ensemble. It has performed at the opening of Kotor Art 2005 festival and has regularly performed at musical ceremonies held in Novi Sad. In the summer of 2014, VSO was the guest for the first time in Croatia at two significant summer festivals – Splitsko ljeto and Dubrovačke ljetne igre and at the same year received the award “Orchestra of the year” by the magazine Muzika klasika. In the November of 2015, VSO had outstanding performance in the Great Hall of Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment in Belgrade and at the same venue in October 2016 at Belgrade Music Ceremonies.
In 2018/2019 season, VSO moves to the other genre direction apart from regular concerts of classical music, collaborating with the famous sevdalinka interpreter Amira Medunjanin, “Janoska” ensemble and a few outstanding artists of the opera scene, as well as the concert “Korzo” which took place in the month of September of 2018.

Our Team

Mirela Ivancevic
Mirela IvancevicPublicity executive
Mirela Ivancevic, born in 1988. After graduating from high school “Petar Krancevic” in Sremska Mitrovica, Music associate department, in 2007 she enrolled the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, musicology major. She proceeded with her studies in 2011 at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, where she registered for master course studies of Culturology, focusing on the subject “Music education of women in the nineteenth century”. She has been the part of Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra since 2013. She loves life and is considered to be a perpetual optimist with pink glasses. Her smile is her trademark. Her moto: “Live every day like your last”
Roman Bugar
Roman BugarDirector
Roman Bugar, born in 1985 in Zrenjanin. He became a student of Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, violin subsection in 2004 and in 2008 he began his master studies in Banja Luka by mentor prof. Uroša Pešica and subsequently prof. Marija Misita. In 2009 he restored Zrenjanin Chamber Orchestra, and the same year he became the concertmaster and conductor of the National board of Romanian minority. He was elected president of the Great folklore Festival of Romanians in Vojvodina in 2011 and two years later he founded Zrenjanin Philharmonic Orchestra. He is the first violin in “Panonija” string quartet and collaborates with different orchestras in Serbia. In 2015, he was appointed acting director of Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra. The same year he becomes the owner of Music studio M 2932. His hobby is fishing and is a great admirer of horse breeding.