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Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra concert in February

On Friday, February 22nd at 20:00h, Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra resumes its 2018/2019 season in the Novi Sad Synagogue. In the first part of the evening, the orchestra will play an overture from the opera The Tzar’s Bride, by one of the best orchestra composers of all time, the Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Then, the twenty-five year old Pavle Krstic will come on stage, the winner of over thirty pianist awards as well as the “ArtLink” award for the most promising young artist in Serbia in 2016. He will perform a solo part in Piano concerto in c-minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

In the second part of the evening, a touch of classicism by Mozart’s Symphony No. 39 in E-Flat Major. The conductor of Vojvodina Symphony orchestra will be Josef Suilen, a prominent conductor from the Netherlands.

*Ticket sale of 500,00 rsd is at Music Youth of Novi Sad (Katolicka porta 2/II) every work days 8-14h, as well as two hours prior to the concert at the venue.

50% discount for students and senior citizens.