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The Corso – Traffic stopped on the city boulevard in Novi Sad because of culture

The Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra under the baton of conductor Mikica Jevtic opened the concert with Dvorak’s “Carnival” and was then joined on stage by violinist Robert Lakatos, who performed two compositions by Pablo de Saraste and Camille Saint-Sansa. “I think this concept of performing classical music outdoors is a great idea to reach to a wider audience, as well as the younger population, so I think this is a great opportunity because this is how anyone can enjoy a concert,” Lakatos said. Pianist Rita Kinka enthralled the audience by performing “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin accompanied by the Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra. Before the performance, Kinka emphasized that the concert is a mutual pleasure for both the audience and the musicians to enjoy something beautiful and interesting in the center of Novi Sad under an open sky.
“This event is the announcement of the year of the European Capital of Culture title and I think there should be more events like this, before and after the year 2021, and not let that year be the only highlight of everything, followed by the deluge, but to keep on and show people how to appreciate culture and to know what is going on, because until now what happened was that people were not informed enough about a certain event. For someone who is listening to a classical music concert for the first time, this is great, since we perform pieces by famous composers, which can be an invitation for young people and for the elderly to see that there is another way of expressing, not just in concert halls, ”said Kinka.
The concert took place on September 14 at 20:21h